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If you are investing in Staffordshire, you may want to take a look at the mortgages on offer at Bank of Scotland. For full information about the products available, one call to the Bank of Scotland contact number will answer all of your questions. If you want a buy-to-let mortgage, Bank of Scotland is the place to go.

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Position Yourself right at the heart of the UKs transport network
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Some of the country's best housing locations, at suprisingly affordable prices

Some of the country’s best housing locations, at suprisingly affordable prices

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​A huge choice of commercial property and land at extremely competitive prices

A huge choice of commercial property and land at extremely competitive prices
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Bank of Scotland products
Bank of Scotland is a bank for both Personal and Business Banking. They have a wide array of products for both personal and business banking customers. Whether you are looking for a day to day account or a business loan, there is a banking product to suit everyone.

Bank Accounts

There are three main types of bank accounts The Classic – which is an everyday account with no monthly account fee The Platinum account which offers travel insurance, breakdown cover and mobile phone insurance for only £17 per month and The Youth and Students account which helps the young ones get started in life All these accounts offer a free add-on called Vantage that pays you 2% interest for balances between £1-£5000. The Bank of Scotland has a monthly saver account which can be opened as long as you have an ordinary bank account. The interest rates are 2.5% at the time of writing. You can deposit anything from £25-£250 a month by the 25th of the month to qualify for the interest.


Get into the property ladder with a home loan from the Bank of Scotland. Whether you're buying your first home, buying a new home or wanting to refinance your loan, the Bank of Scotland has the best interest rates for you. The Bank of Scotland offers Halifax mortgages too. To assist you calculate your borrowing ability, there is an online calculator to assist you.


You would never get into a car without insurance, so never get into a house without insurance either. The Bank of Scotland has you covered with two insurance options. There is the standard cover and the comprehensive cover. Get a 20% discount if you purchase home and contents and get a further 10% discount if you are an internet banking customer.

Credit Cards

Sometimes a credit card might just be handy for emergencies. There are several options of credit cards offered by the Bank of Scotland. Head on to their credit card page and find the right credit card for you. If you have an existing credit card with a high interest rate, transfer your balance to a Bank of Scotland credit card. Check your eligibility online with no effect on your credit rating.


If you do need a loan, the Bank of Scotland has a Personal Loan or a Flexible loan (usually called a line of credit), or an overdraft to meet your immediate needs. Personal and Flexible loans can range from £1,000 - £50,000 with fixed repayments over one to seven years. Interest rates are dependent on individual circumstances. If you already are a Bank of Scotland customer and need to borrow more, you can apply anytime easily.

Internet Banking

Nothing is more convenient than Internet Banking. Join internet banking and manage all your transactions, payments, funds transfers from Internet banking. Get extra discounts just by doing everything online. There's no need to wait in queue or wait on the phone. It's gotten even better with the Online Banking App. Now with the App on your smartphone, you can perform any transactions on the go. Check your balances, transfer funds. It is just so convenient.


The Bank of Scotland has many products for Personal Banking. There are equipped for Business and Private Wealth as well. Check out their website on www.bankofscotland.co.uk.

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